The Pirate’s Life is the Life for Me, Book Review: Pirate Latitudes


This book, written by Michael Crichton, was published posthumously. This book is a little different compared to most of his other novels. It is being historical fiction rather than being a Sci-Fi book. The story is of multiple characters with in the Bahamas during the 17th century. The book starts on about how a maid/slave had mentioned to her headmaster about how the spanish armada has a secret trove hidden in their fortress and upon hearing this he has a secret crew of pirates leave the land of Jamaica, where the book begins. They attempt to do what they were sent to do in hopes of being paid for this feat, and for other reasons that are more personal for some than others. The book is very heavily bound in reality with sections of the book that seem to be almost supernatural but nothing that is too unbelievable though. This book is a book that is geared more towards adults and mature audiences, but is definitely a worthwhile read.