Big Blue Has Personality!


We’ve all heard of personality tests. We take them and usually we end up feeling like it was wrong. What they described doesn’t really seem like it’s who we are. I also would say, it’s easy to take those tests and put what you want to be, rather than who you are. One of my favorite things about the Enneagram is that it isn’t limited to just a test. There are nine different types of personalities that are described in detail. One of the best ways to figure out interesting things about yourself is simply by reading and siding with what you feel like represents you the most! For example, one of my best friends told me I was a seven on the enneagram. I remember being like,”What on earth is a seven?” I read through it and began to feel like I was looking in a mirror. Take some time with people who know you well and discuss these personality types! It can be so fun, and it’s just another way to understand your mind better!
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